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te tikanga hoahoa o te waitohu

Logo Design

Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority’s logo was inspired by Ngā  Pūmanawa e Waru o Te Arawa – The Eight Beating Hearts of Te Arawa. This well-known Te Arawa history comes from the accounts of Rangitihi, Tamatekapua’s great-great grandson, whom from his seven sons and one daughter, is the progenitor of the Te Arawa confederation of Iwi. Other notables who travelled to Aotearoa with Tamatekapua, were Tia (from whom Tapuika Iwi is descended), Hei (from whom Waitaha Iwi is descended) and Ngātoroirangi (the great tōhunga and chief).

Within the Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority’s logo you will see nine tētekura or fronds, representing each of the nine iwi and council representatives who are members of the Authority by virtue of the Tapuika Deed of Settlement and its empowering legislation, the Tapuika Claims Settlement Act 2014.

Te Maru o Kaituna Co-Governance Group Logo

Kaituna he taonga tuku iho –
Kaituna River Document

The logo and layout of Kaituna, he taonga tuku iho – the Kaituna River Document, represents the different parts of the Kaituna River which include Te Waipuna – the source or headwaters, Ngā Wai Hōhonu – the water depths, Ngā Tahatika – the riverbanks, and Te Kōngutu Awa – the river mouth.

As your eye moves down the logo you will see the river, forming at the edge of Lake Rotoiti and its progression down through the Kaituna catchment showing its many tributaries to the Māketu estuary and the place where the river meets the sea.

This is further reflected in the river analogy used to structure the information within the document.

The symbolism denotes that each part of the Kaituna has unique characteristics yet all are integral to its personality.

Te Maru o Kaituna Co-Governance Group Logo

Te tini a tuna – Kaituna Action Plan

Te Tini a Tuna refers to the ‘abundance of tuna (eels)’, which is what we expect to see as a result of implementing the Kaituna Action Plan.

The tuna theme is interwoven throughout the action plan which draws is structured around the parts of a tuna:

Part 1 – Te Upoko o te Tuna (head): sets the course or direction for the Action Plan, in particular; its purpose, intended use, and linkage with the Kaituna River Document.

Part 2 – Te Puku o te Tuna’ (abdomen): articulates the priority actions and projects that will be taken to improve the environmental, cultural and spiritual well-being of the Kaituna River and all it sustains.

Part 3 – Te Taharapa o te Tuna (tail): outlines how we will implement and monitor this plan to ensure its stays on course

Te Maru o Kaituna Co-Governance Group Logo