Kaituna Cultural and Historical Heritage Project

This project is focused on recognising and showcasing the cultural and historical heritage associated with the Kaituna River.

This may be delivered as:

  • Interpretation elements e.g. pou, information boards, artwork.
  • Additional taunga waka (waka landing).
  • Identification of areas of cultural and/or historical significance to showcase or celebrate.
  • Identification of culturally sensitive areas where public access should be restricted.
  • Establishment of a cultural and environmental education centre at Te Pourepo o Kaituna.

In the first instance, an interpretation plan will be developed to ensure that the right elements will be placed in the right places, for the right reasons. Te Maru o Kaituna will lead this project, which will help to connect communities and visitors to our river and to our projects.

Planned deliverables include:

Interpretation plan completed and implementation underway by 30 June 2022.

Cultural and environmental education centre established at Te Pourepo o Kaituna by 30 June 2028.