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Kaituna he taonga tuku iho

Kaituna River Document


The Kaituna River Document: Kaituna, he taonga tuku iho – a treasure handed down is an outcome of the Tapuika Claims Settlement Act 2014. It’s a statutory document that was launched by Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority on 22 June 2018 and celebrated at a community event on 30 September 2018. 

The Kaituna River Document’s purpose is to promote the restoration, protection and enhancement of the well-being of the Kaituna River and its tributaries. The document will guide local government, iwi and the wider community in their work together to protect and preserve the awa. The document represents a culmination of input from the Kaituna community. 

Te Tini a Tuna

Kaituna Action Plan


Te Maru o Kaituna River Authority approved Te Tini a Tuna – Kaituna Action Plan 2019-29 September 2019. The Action Plan outlines what will be done over the next ten years to deliver on the vision, objectives and outcomes of the Kaituna River Document.

The approved Action Plan includes three priority actions, two supporting actions and 18 projects.

See our projects page for details and updates on our work to implement this plan.

Influence of the Kaituna River Document